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From inspiration to innovation. What’s behind EVENITY?

From the frontiers of space to the front line of fracture treatment. Watch our short film to discover exactly how EVENITY became reality.

How EVENITY works

EVENITY has a dual effect on bone through activation, stimulation and formation of osteoblasts and indirect inhibition of osteoclasts through its effect on osteoclast-regulating factors.2

Learn more about the mechanism of action of EVENITY in this mode of action video.

Efficacy of EVENITY in women with severe osteoporosis at high risk of fracture

The ARCH study aimed to discover the impact of EVENITY on postmenopausal women with a previous fragility fracture.3,4
Watch our short film to discover its findings.

Instructions for use

The video is intended to supplement the full Instructions for Use included in the Patient Information Leaflet.

See the full Instructions for Use in the back of the Patient Information Leaflet for complete directions. Administration should be performed by an individual who has been trained in injection techniques.1

There is also a version of this video for your patients at:

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