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Support based around
your patients' needs



A range of tools is available to support your patients:

Treatment from the comfort of their home1
Patient support at home


EVENITY® has a Patient Support Programme that provides home delivery, virtual nurse support, and a suite of online resources to help patients learn about living with osteoporosis, from healthy eating to home-based exercising programmes, so your patients can get stronger bones while staying inside.

We know adherence can be a challenge when treating osteoporosis.

The My Bones & Me Patient Support Programme is designed to support your patients who are prescribed EVENITY®,
a monthly dose (2 injections) taken for 1 year.

The Programme helps empower patients to take an active part in their treatment and build behaviours which help support adherence and follow-on treatment.

My Bones & Me provides a range of support options, which can be used individually or together, and tailored to your clinic and patients’ preferences.

These include:

  • Medication delivery to patient’s home or workplace and injection support
  • Nurse support programme
  • Digital programme

You and your patients can decide on the level of support.

EVENITY support for your practice and your patients

All materials in the Patient Support Programme aim to:

  • Provide important information about EVENITY treatment and osteoporosis
  • Improve injection confidence
  • Give practical advice and tips on fall prevention, healthy eating and exercise
  • Help form habits that contribute to improving bone health and adherence to treatment
  • Inform about a transition to an anti-resorptive (follow-on osteoporosis treatment) after 12 months

To receive copies of the Patient Support Programme materials, the Welcome Kit and EVENITY Treatment Guide, please
contact UCBCares®

To view the Patient Support Programme online and access the instructions for use video click here.

Please do not forward this link. Patients can access the website via  


For more information on Home Care, Injection Training and the Patient support Programme please contact UCBCares®

Registration process for Delivery and Nurse Support

To initiate this Delivery and Nurse Support, you will need to register your patients for it by completing the Home Delivery Form.

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